Saturday, October 20, 2018

About Us

Jerry Handsaker, President & Founder

ChannelBrite Permanent Outdoor LED Lighting Systems is a division of Innovative Lighting. Jerry Handsaker, the President and CEO of Innovative Lighting, developed a concept of permanent holiday lighting that is attractive and long lasting. Innovative Lighting was founded by President Jerry Handsaker in 1993 when it first entered the lighting industry by producing lighting products for the boating industry.

For 25 years and counting, Innovative Lighting continues to be a leader in the LED Lighting Industry with innovation and technology including marine, truck, trailer, commercial, retail, PoE Intelligent Lighting, and custom injection molding solutions.

Why ChannelBrite?
ChannelBrite was created to solve an inherent problem with traditional holiday lighting. There is no longer a need to choose between installing and removing your lights every year or leaving unsightly wires and bulbs hanging on your home.

Now customers are enjoying the ease of stepping out on their deck or patio and simply pushing a button to turn on their custom lighting system. The system is virtually unnoticeable when not turned on, and can easily be changed to celebrate any occasion. Change the color of your lights for Christmas, Hanukah, The Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, birthday parties, and family reunions. You also can change the pattern and speed so that you can have a different light display every night!

The ChannelBrite Permanent Outdoor LED Lighting Systems are not only for Christmas and other holidays. It is great for commercial uses as well. The system is energy efficient, long lasting and it only needs to be put up once. No more paying your employees or other lighting companies to continually come out and change lights or replace broken sections ever again. A few applications are; Car Dealerships, Banks, Shopping Malls, Business Store Fronts, Car Washes, Downtown Main Streets, etc… There really is no end to where and how the very versatile ChannelBrite Permanent Outdoor LED Lighting Systems can be used. Check out our photo galleries to see for yourself.

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